When we encountered major changes in the technological sense more than twenty years ago, when digital marketing with the development of social media began to take precedence over traditional marketing,we were not aware of the power of “tools” which will be served to us, all with the aim of faster and better advertising.

Being present on social media, just because it’s a trend, was interesting in the early years of their development. Today, everyone who is on any network has the opportunity to create materials that can bring the opportunity to profit, as well as connections that are the path to a better job, opportunities, clients. Social media is an individual business. People, according to their knowledge and abilities, create the material that represents them.

However, what happens when opportunities are limited?

Then the Community manager enters the scene.Very important role  when it comes to the world of digital marketing.

What are the obligations of a community manager and, above all, what qualities and skills should a person who wants to do this job have?

1. Personality – strong person who is comfortable introducing themselves to strangers

2. Writing skills – people who were journalists, will be a better fit.

3. Social media experience – experience with social media tools is helpful.

4. Passion –  Community Manager needs to be passionate about the job that he does.

5. Friendly person – The person needs to get along with employees, needs to take some actions and initiative.

6. Storyteller — good listener, proficient technician and strong believer.

7. Detail and action-oriented – a person should pay attention to the details and it needs to deliver fast. ,

8. Intellectually Curious — you never should stop learning!

However, you should never forget that you are coming to a new environment.

An environment that already has some established rules of conduct and the way it works. So you need to prepare well, patience will be tested. Even if as a Community manager you try to change things, in the best interest of the company and the people who work there, it should be done only after a good analysis of the work environment. Step by step. The best things are well planned, you should have a development strategy and a plan B, in case plan A does not work. You should always be a team player, taking the initiative is desirable and every boss will appreciate the initiative, but along the way, we must not forget that we must consult with the people with whom we work with. Because, after all, it affects them first, but also your relationship with them.

A Community manager must always and at all times think about the well-being of the people he or she works with.

Written by our Community Manager Predrag Petrovic

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