Come to our community 103?

I’m David Pons, industrial and interior designer. Passionate about design, people, and the connections between them.

David Pons Founder

Factory is a sum of experiences and projects in different countries.

We are not a typical Coworking, we dedicate more square meters to living spaces than to work areas.

We don’t have a formula per person, we don’t look for the profitability of the space by overcrowding it.

We differ from other coworkings because we come from the Interior Design and Design sector.
The premises are an old chocolate factory that we refurbished while maintaining its essence and providing it with technology.

Today, 103 Factory is a living showroom, decorated as if it were a big house. Tables, sofas, lots of natural light and a large central kitchen with different floors and a terrace.


You feel like you are part of the whole space and we are just another coworkers here.

People from different sectors, from different countries that make up a great community.

A beautiful project that has been growing thanks to the coworkers who come here.

Do you want to be one of our 103?

By David Pons, Founder & Interior Designer

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